Springtime Rhyme by Ellen Sue

Today is the first day of Spring, so I penned a little rhyme to honor this day and remind us of Mother Earth’s bounties.
Photos from my neighborhood.

Sacred Spring

By ellensue

The crocuses have started blooming.

Time to stop all this Zooming.

Watch as Spring unfurls her magic.

Don’t ignore this; ‘twould be tragic!


Open the windows and breathe the air.

Spring is coming, warm and fair.

Treat her kindly; let’s be gentle….

Budding flowers wax sentimental.



Spring brings Hope & the miracle of Life.

With Covid-19, we know the strife

of basic survival on planet Earth.

Spring is sacred; a yearly rebirth.


Budding flowers. Springtime greenery.

What perfectly natural, lovely scenery.

Yet, too much plastic; too little biodiversity.

Silent Spring * warned of this adversity.


We’re taking more than what we give.

So, if Spring is here, we must let her live

in a world that’s kind, gentle & clean.

Sacred Spring: let’s guard this precious mantle of green.



*Book by Rachel Carson published in 1962!

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