Healthy Reading for Entertainment: Part 2

NOTE:I am beginning to enjoy historical fiction. I am not a history buff, but when events in history are part of a story, I really reap a double benefit. I receive information at the same time I am entertained,like the book below. Reading for fun is also a great antidote  to all the non-fiction reading I do on health.

Mrs. Houdini, a novel by Victoria Kelly, is a wonderful story about the wife of Harry Houdini, best known as an escape artist in the early 20th century. The inside of the cover states: “A captivating novel, meticulously researched and beautifully imagined, about the passionate marriage of Harry Houdini and Bess Houdini— a love story that defied death itself.” Thus, I categorize this delightful book as historical fiction, since much of the information is true, but much of the story is from the author’s terrific imagination.

The story goes back and forth between Mrs. Houdini’s life after her husband’s untimely death, and earlier in their marriage and throughout their traveling here and abroad, from Coney Island to California to Europe, where Houdini was very popular, performing magic like no one else, often with his wife’s assistance.

The book is based on something that Harry Houdini promised his wife while he was still alive, that is, if there were any way to contact her after his death, he would find it. Much of the book is Bess’ search for clues that would help her reach him, mostly with séances that were scams. But her persistence is admirable and her willingness to keep searching for her beloved Harry shows her devotion to her husband even after his death. Mrs. Houdini did not let anyone convince her that her search was folly.

I am not a lover of history, but when it is presented in a novel that makes it come alive, I am a captive audience. I could not put this book down! Victoria Kelly has authored shorter fiction and poetry published elsewhere, but this is her first novel, and I say, Brava! When is your next novel?

Mrs. Houdini is published by Simon and Schuster and costs $26.00.


P.S. Recipes are coming next week. I apologize for the delay. Sadly, my brother died and I am post dating this to appear while I am in Rhode Island at his funeral. Since most of my recipes are heart healthy, feel free to use the index to find some fruit & veggie recipes while I am away.


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