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Part One: About two years ago I decided to boycott clothes & shoes made in China. I had several reasons. One was that my chiropractor convinced me that shoes were not well made and explained why. Another was that the US economy was in bad shape and I felt that our workers at home needed our support. And thirdly, this seemed like something I could do to make a difference.

Seems as though I am not alone. Just last week I read in a recent AARP publication that 72% of consumers 50-64 years old say “made in America significantly influences their purchases.”  Additionally, 81% of the same age group buy American made goods because they believe it helps the economy. (Source:  Perception Research Services International)

If you cannot find a store near you, the article lists two online sources: a
nd www.made
I also found one online called However, if you are near a Norton’s or Made in America store, you can shop in person. Also, check labels in any store when you shop. *

Part Two: About two or three days after I read this piece  from AARP, I saw an article in my friend’s Bergen Record newspaper entitled: “Outfits are outsourced: Lawmakers blast China-made Olympic uniform.”  According to the article, several members in Congress are fuming, because they learned that the U.S. Olympic Team, which is privately funded, partnered with Ralph Loren, an American company, to make the uniforms. However, Lauren outsources its manufacturing to China, as do many companies, including high-end “designer” companies.

If I receive any solicitations from the US Olympic Team, as I have in the past, I will definitely send back a note saying that when the US Olympic uniforms are made in America, I will consider a donation. While I cannot always find items made in America that I like, and may have to buy goods made elsewhere in smaller countries that are not as great an economical threat as China, in my opinion, I will continue my boycott of China. This country seems to have monopolized the manufacturing market to the detriment of our workers here.  And I will continue to read labels and search out items made here, especially clothing and shoes.

I am not sure if the Olympic uniforms will be “scratched,” but the outrage by members of Congress will have a greater impact than my singular decision. However, if you feel as I do, then each one of us choosing “Made in America” items can have an impact on our economy, hopefully in favor of quality products made here to benefit US companies and its workers.

I would love to hear from some of you about how you feel about this issue. ♥

*I checked out a couple of the websites and found several eco-friendly items, another plus!

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