Love Poems

Monday, February 16th, 2015

My Home Page title is “Love is in the Air,” like the song from Love Boat, so even though it is 2 days past Valentine’s Day, I am celebrating this special day all month….and all year, actually, because love is such an important emotion that we can explore it 365 days a year and still not explain it totally.

So here is a poem I wrote on my husband’s Valentine’s card this year and the other two were written last year:

Our Special Day

Feb. 14th, 2015

Valentine’s Day has special meaning for me,
for it triggered my love for Alan in February 2003.

We had met two days earlier in Philly Town
at Hotel Plaza with a “Crowne.”*

I knew at once you were one of a kind
and by Valentine’s Day I knew you were a precious find.

And now we’re married 10 short years—
ups & downs, smiles & tears.

But like the song, “Our Love is Here to Stay,”
so let’s celebrate LOVE this & every day.

* I stayed at The Crowne Plaza Hotel with friend Susan the first date I had with Alan.

Nobody Loves Me Like You Do!

August 18, 2014

Nobody loves me like you do
Just like the song title, “Only You.”

You fill my gas tank every week.
You always listen when I speak.

You dig my car out when it snows.
Is it any wonder my love grows?

With ev’ry year we have together
In ev’ry kind of Philly weather

We share the chores & pay the bills,
And when we hug I still get chills.

Nobody loves me like you do;
For sure, I know this much is true!



July 2014

Warm, his hand tucked into mine.
Warm, like sunshine, trés divine!

Warm, his twinkling eyes beguile;
Warm enough to tarry-a-while…

Warm, his palm pressed to my cheek:
Warm, that needs no words to speak.

Warm, his lips I love to taste;
mouth to mouth, no time to waste.

Warm, his hugs in fond embrace;
Warm, I feel a touch of grace.

Warm, in bed we like to spoon;
Warm, tucked under a glowing moon.

Warm, what fortune we did find;
Warm, the Love we have designed.

Love for the young is hot & heady.
Love for the old is slow & steady.

Love can come on bended knee.+
Love is made to set you free.

Love is not a trick or a quiz.
Love is All………is all there is!

+My metaphor for loving late in life.


+This quote from The Philadelphia Inquirer for 2/12/15 expresses this feeling of late love:

True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked. — Erich Segal