(Organic)Arugula Salad

On our recent visit to Providence, Rhode Island to celebrate my sister-in-law Carol’s 80th birthday, we ate at a lovely restaurant by the bay. I had the most delicious salad with only three basic ingredients (plus dressing): arugula, yellow beets, and sliced red onion.

I came home and bought the veggie items I needed, all organic, and made it three times since then: twice with arugula, once with spinach, and once by adding avocado to the arugula. Still delicious!

Since almost all my ingredients are organic, you could say this is part of Earth Day Every Day, so I am posting it on my Home Page, in Kitchen Nutrition, and on Earth Day Every Day.


Utensils: One 2 qt. saucepan for beet, cutting board and knife, small measuring cup or bowl and whisk, serving bowl
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: about 30 minutes for beet (Can be done day before)
Categories: Vegan, Gluten Free


1 1/2- 2 cups organic baby arugula, rinsed, drained, and dried
one organic yellow beet, scrubbed, cooked, peeled and cubed
3-4 thin slices of organic red onion

Dressing: (Use organic when available)
2 Tbl. olive oil
juice of 1/2 lemon
1 tsp. honey



  1. Place scrubbed yellow beet in more than enough water to cover and cook until it can be pierced with a knife. If the beet is large, feel free to cut in quarters or halves. Remove from pot, cool, and peel. (The cooking can be done the day before and the beet placed in fridge and peeled when ready to use.)
  2. Whisk dressing ingredients in a small measuring cup or bowl. (You may have to warm the honey, depending on how pourable it is.)
  3. Place washed arugula, sliced red onion, and peeled and cubed beet in a bowl. Toss with dressing and serve.Variations: Substitute organic baby spinach for arugula, use red beet instead of yellow (yellow seems milder), add slices of organic avocado, add walnut pieces or slivered almonds.
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