Leaf Time Rhyme

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Here’s a little rhyme I put together to celebrate Fall, coupled with some recent photos of trees & flowers in my neighborhood. The week of October 11th is usually Flaming Foliage back in State College. Wherever it is in your neck of the woods, enjoy the crispness and colors of Fall.


The leaves, they are a fallin’
’cause Autumn is a callin’

From red to green to gold—
I love the colors bold!

The crispness in the air
Warmer clothes I need to wear.

Fall is full of wonder,
With rain & sometimes thunder.

Leaves ripped from branch to bough,
falling softly before the snow.

Yet lovely flowers, jewel-toned bright
nestle among the trees in dappled sunlight.

Ah, the leaves they keep on fallin’
’cause Autumn is definitely callin’.