Laundry Photo

I have been busy working on three editing projects, so I am behind on my postings. My apology. In the meantime, my friend and colleague in our self-publishing “business” is in California and sent me this lovely laundry picture in the woods somewhere near her mom’s. I love the setting!


Thanx, Krista!

Laundry Photo



OOOPS! I forgot Coll’s initial comment for the caption to this winter photo I forgot to post :

Today with a cold and very strong April wind, the clothes would have been flying high on the clotheslines in Big Valley, aka Kishacoquillas Valley. And dried instantly. What I like most about outdoor air-dried clothing and bed linens is the unmistakable clean fragrance. Nothing like it. Thanks for sharing this photo with your readers. Coll


My friend Coll, who contributed a poem and photos of clotheslines, sent me this photo. Maybe I will call is Sky Line! Thanx, Coll. It’s a perfect photo to describe the winds of March, and also perfect for Earth Day, since I forgot to post it earlier this month!

Here’s is what she told me in several subsequent emails:

Here’s a photo of an Amish clothesline at a farm where the owner has a semi from California deliver organically grown citrus fruit every few weeks in winter. Took pix week before I left for Florida. Loved the clouds in this photo.

Photo is of an Amish clothesline in Big Valley near Belleville, PA, at the farmhouse on a large farm with a big Amish lumber yard. On a rare sunny day in early February. 

The clotheslines in Big Valley are remarkably orderly. This was not one of the more classic ones.

I have a Mennonite friend who hangs out laundry when there is snow on the ground. Does not own a dryer. Another Mennonite farm wife friend of mine hangs her clothes on a line on her porch during inclement weather.
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