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If you open the kitchen cabinet in an average household, you’d probably find the same familiar products: Famous brands that might score an A for taste, but FAIL when it comes to rainforest and human rights protection. Are some of these brands in your kitchen cabinet?

We’ve done the work for you. We’ve graded the biggest corporations to let YOU know what really goes into their products and how they’re spending their money. That’s right, RAN analyzed a total of 17 brands and banks to see how they’re treating rainforests and the people who depend on them.

The Results? Not good. Not good at all:

  • 11 got a straight F 
  • another 5 scored a D
  • and just one brand barely passed with a C(-) 

In other words: Ferrero’s chocolate candy is no bueno at all, Nissin’s instant noodles are literally Flop Ramen, and no bath tissue in the world is Charmin’ enough to clean up P&G’s trail of rainforest destruction.

Just how big of a failure are we talking about? All we’ve asked these companies for is to adopt policies that protect rainforests and human rights, take action against problematic suppliers, and—most importantly—prove to us, the consumers, that they’re following the rules.

And too often, the answer was “NO”. These brands and banks are great at making policies and promises. But making promises isn’t enough—they need to take tangible action.

From the cool air we breathe to the clean water we drink, forests are foundational to life on Earth. If we want to ensure a liveable future for all of us, we have to Keep Forests Standing and Uphold Indigenous Peoples’ Rights. 

We have to hold big companies accountable for their promises and expose their greenwashing tactics. I know we can do it. I know we have the power to stop the destruction of our last pristine rainforests and fight side by side with the people who call these forests home.

I hope you will join me in this fight.

Daniel Carrillo
Forest Campaign Director
Rainforest Action Network



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