March 8th: International Women’s Day

NOTE: The month of February was difficult for me both emotionally and physically. After the death of my brother Paul and traveling to Rhode Island for the funeral and celebration of his life, I went to California for two weeks to see my children, so I am way behind on my email and Menupause postings. International Women’s Day is almost here and I have not made any plans, so I am just posting some website information and hope you will celebrate it in some way, even just wearing PURPLE, the color for this day.



Here is the website where I found good information, some of which is posted below as a direct quote, although bold print is mine for emphasis:

On Wednesday, the world will be celebrating women.
While International Women’s Day is a global holiday, celebrations vary depending on what part of the world you’re in. In some countries, the holiday looks remarkably similar to Valentine’s Day, with women receiving flowers and gifts from the men in their lives. In others, women will take to the streets to demand real policy changes—particularly in nations where women’s rights are newly under threat.
Here’s how the international community plans to celebrate March 8:


The Americas
In the U.S., women will go on strike in what is billed as “A Day Without A Woman.” The day is billed as one of protest and advocacy for gender equity organized by the activists behind the Jan. 21 Women’s March on Washington. The protest hearkens back to the first women’s day when, in 1908, women marched for better working conditions. Three years later the tradition was exported to Europe, where women in Germany, Austria, Denmark, and Sweden protested for similar causes.
In Argentina, Women’s Day is marked with the traditional giving of flowers and gifts, but this year activists will also be joining in the international strike.

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P.S. The photos are from the Internet, but not the website above.


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