Fact Sheet from PA’s Dept. of Environmental Protection

Monday, April 9th, 2012

I saved a fact sheet from our state’s Environmental Protection agency called: Take the Next Step: 30 Things You Can do to Improve the Environment. Here are some of the items to be thinking about and putting into practice, suggested by employees. I am counting this as offering #9 for Earth Day, Every Day. Many you may already are doing, so they just may be reminders or acknowledgements of your part in improving the planet.

1. Plant trees in your neighborhood. (Sometimes church or synagogue groups do this around Arbor Day or the Jewish holiday for tree planting. (Idea from employee Michael Hassett, DEP Land & Water Conservation).

2. Related to #1: Join an organization like the Arbor Day Society and get free trees to plant in your neighborhood. (Idea from employee Michael Hassett, DEP Land & Water Conservation).

3. Use a bicycle or walk to do errands or to commute rather than a car. (Employee John Quimby, DCNR Forestry)

4. Save water by putting a brick in your commode tank. (DCNR Ryerson Station State Park)

If you are a business owner, here are some environmental tips for your company:

5. Give phone numbers for local hazardous waste services, facts about other ways to avoid disposing of hazardous waste and a list to your employees of hazardous ingredients in common household products so they can be wise shoppers & avoid those hazardous ingredients.  (Offered by Jo Anne Hollash, DEP Pollution Prevention & Compliance Assistance)

6. Train teachers so they can add environmental education programs that meet the needs of the 21st century. (Offered by employee Ranjan Roy, DEP Air Quality)

If you are involved in community projects, here are some suggestions for both individuals and communities:

7. Create litter pick-up groups to keep your community clean. (DCNR Ryer Station State Park)

8. Substitute safer products such as non-solvent based paints. Share leftover paint with non-profit organizations for fix-up projects.

9. Use vinegar or detergents for household chores.

10. Buy the smallest amount possible for your household project to reduce disposing of excess waste.

(The last three are all from employee Jo Anne Hollash, DEP Pollution Prevention & Compliance Assistance)

Let’s all help to keep our homes, our communities, our state,our country, & the world green, clean & safe for all!