Earth Day Every Day Action #4: Paper Towels

These paper towels are wrapped in paper, not plastic, a good first start, but we can do better by eventually shifting to cloths for cleaning and cloth for napkins. See below:In the book Imagine It! that I reviewed a few days ago, I made one of the many minor changes in my kitchen. I took my roll of paper towels and moved it to a place under the sink. Next to the sink I added a tray of old cloth dishtowels cut into smaller pieces to use to dry my hands. I also use cloth napkins. I used to grab two at meals instead of going into the drawer with the towels. Now that the paper towel roll us under the sink, I find it just as easy to grab cloth napkins.

This may sound like a little thing, and I guess it is, except if everyone used cloths for cleaning and cotton napkins,  think how much paper we would save!

China High Quality High Water Absorbent White Restroom ...I also started buying natural brown paper towels instead of white because I don’t need my towels bleached, so when my white ones run out, I will convince my husband that brown is just as useful without the bleaching.

Additionally, I found other alternatives to paper towels (link below) from this posting in the Huffington Post:

Are single use paper towels better for the environment?

  • Like plastic bags that are thrown away with one use, sheet after sheet of single use paper towels aren’t the best for the environment. So you might be looking for alternatives that’ll help with all the cooking and cleaning you do in the kitchen.

Copy and paste the link into your browser if the article doesn’t come up by clicking on the link itself.

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  • P.S. If you can find organic cotton napkins or make them, so much the better, since about 15% of the pesticides used in the USA come from chemicals sprayed on cotton. If you Google Organic Cotton Napkins you will come up with some choices. They are probably more expensive than regular cotton, but should last a long time. When my regular cotton napkins I have had for a long time wear out, I will probably make organic cotton ones.
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