Coping & Hoping

NOTE: A few days ago I posted a poem called “So Far Away,” which expressed my sadness with my youngest child’s (and partner’s) move to California,  joining her two siblings in the West.  My friend Honey, a wonderful counselor, helped me work through my feelings and asked me to find the positive side to this situation.

This second poem is my attempt to come to terms with the news & the fact that all three of my children will be on the other side of the USA. I am not there yet, but getting closer to working out feelings coupled with travel plans and ways to bringing all three children closer to one another emotionally with this move. (I feel my divorce caused some of this distancing.) Also, Alan’s youngest, a son, lives in L.A., so hopefully, we can see all four in one trip.

A positive side to their move to the West
Instead of the worst, make it the best.

All three will be living nearer to one another
We can see all three: two sisters & a brother.

A four-pronged visit in one longer trip
Adding Alan’s son at California’s southern tip.

We’ll plan a vacation around our flights,
seeing the Southwest with its lovely sites.

Though missing my children so far away
Is not my choice, what can I say?

I brought them up to follow their path
But California’s far— you do the math.

But still I wish them safe travel & genuine God speed
And with email, Skype & the phone we’ll have all the tools we need

To stay in touch, heart to heart;
Just seeing them go is the really hard part!

P.S. I took these  photos today at the Scott Arboretum, which is actually a major part of the campus of Swarthmore College, about 30 minutes from here. The trees and flowers were gorgeous, even those past peak or barely turned, the weather sunny & nippy, and the day filled me with hope of good things to come. For me, Fall is not a time of things ending, but of Mother Nature merely resting until Spring and the earth’s (and my) renewal

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