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75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Paris – Aug. 25, 2019

Wednesday, August 28th, 2019
Since working with Cherie Goren on her memoir, A Time to Keep, I am much more aware of the anniversaries coming up for WWII, such as Normandy Beach and the liberation of Paris. Cherie’s book describes her idyllic life before Hitler invaded Lithuania and the family’s journey through Scandinavia and then England by boat to the USA, landing on Hitler’s 50th birthday, April 20th, 1939. This is another date I will always remember!
Here’s our picture (again) with Cherie holding her book and Krista and I on either side, celebrating the release of her book on AM\mazon in May.
So this year is Cherie’s 80th anniversary of arriving in America, safe and sound with her mother, father and three siblings. Her book is available on Amazon as a  soft cover book ($14) and on kindle for $7.00.

A Time to Keep by Cherie Goren is Published!

Friday, May 31st, 2019

After a lengthy delay that was unavoidable, Cherie Goren’s Memoir, A Time to Keep is now in print and available on Amazon as a paperback ($14.) and as a kindle book ($7.00). Below is a photo of Cherie (in the middle), me on the left and book designer Krista Nelson on the right. We went out to lunch the other day to celebrate and ate outside at Valley Green, a lovely restaurant in Wissihickon Park in the Philadelphia area of Mt. Airy. A beautiful book and a beautiful day!


Also, I recommend that you watch the vimeo made by Cherie’s nephew last year entitled: Leaving Memel: Refugees from the Reich, inspired by and heavily influenced by Cherie’s book.  Here is the link:

If you do read the book and like it, please post a review on Amazon and/or Good Reads, so more people will learn about how Cherie and her family left Memel just in time, before Hitler came and sent Jews to the concentration camps or killed them outright. The book is a good story for teens, since Cherie was in her teens when her family left Memel. But it is also a good book for adults who want to know more about the Holocaust from the viewpoint of a refugee family.

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