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Guest Essay from The Heart

Friday, February 8th, 2013

My good friend Hope Woodring, whose Profile I did a few years ago has asked me to post this information to create a forum. I think this is an excellent idea and welcome all comments. Here’s her essay. She would like to see/create….

…. an open discussion of how we can be positive, constructive and   insightful in developing ways to uniquely relate morally and ethically to one another.

This nation is founded on the inalienable  rights of each individual to believe God in his or her own way.  This is based on the qualities of learning thorough each person’s belief system the laws and commandments that build character that support the rights of others to develop the same actions and behaviors to one another.  This is the strength of government from the bottom up.

For some reason history reveals similar patterns of governments that begin to force upon members the ideas of a few more powerful figures whose motives seem questionable.
I believe that every belief system has similar laws and commandments. Instead of doing away with any set or all sets of commandments and replacing them with “man made laws,” it seems appropriate that we share in discussing the great and powerful similarities in ways that break down the walls of division. The media would have believe there are only liberal and conservative views, and these views are only manifested by either the Democrats or the Republicans and whoever is in power is handicapped by the other party’s view points.
Instead, we have a creeping progressive new world order that would have each beholden to someone else to take tax money ,or worse, borrow money and charge each hundreds of times what it would cost to do the same thing with our own money.  Government would have us view it as God.  Government in my view is mismanagement in the extreme.
Enough on this.  I propose that many people discuss their laws and commandments of their beliefs and share them in an open forum to create new ways to support life in a beautiful harmony of work in substance necessary to reconnect with the God energy that is everywhere.
Please leave your comments below.