Growing Old is a Full Time Job by Susan Abel Lieberman

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Reading this guide book has helped me see my own aging in a better light, because the author (herself a retiree), gives us practical tips and well thought out options and opportunities for growing old with tools to help you do so successfully. Divided into 12 chapters with each one a different “job,” this book has so much useful information, I am not sure where to start. So I think the best approach for me is to list some quotes from Dr. Lieberman to give you some insight into her own thoughts and those of the many books she has researched—all thought-provoking ideas and solutions.

Job #1: In Strategist, the author writes that, “In some instances, the work is killing our souls. In other instances, it is killing our bodies…..we need to retire the template for success we used in our building middle years. We need a new template for success.”

Job #3:  As “Director of Physical Planning” the author gives us good news & bad news. “The well-known bad news is that our bodies lose muscle strength as we age and this is progressive. The less-known good news is that we can preserve or rebuild muscle and bone and increase our lung capacity (in lungs not otherwise compromised) with simple exercises.”

Job #4: As a Training & Developmental Manager, “The challenge of this developmental stage is to work our own criteria for what will make us successful and not get sucked into someone else’s vision of what constitutes ‘good’ aging.”

Job #7: To be a good “Office Manager” involves all the paper work regarding organizing your will, your estate, your belongings, closets, etc. Simply said by the author: “It’s a pain to do but a relief to have it done.”

The author’s common sense approach helped me see these “jobs” in a clearer light, especially the one on tackling end of life issues. Chapters can be read out of order, as needed. Susan Lieberman’s expertise in this field is evident and my perspective about growing old is now one of “successful aging.” I highly recommend this book for those thinking or about to retire and also those already retired but need some guidance, embedded in the book’s subtitle: “Moving on from a Life of Working Hard.”

This 181-page soft cover book is available on Amazon or by contacting the author,