March is a Spring Thing!

I took this photo on a windy, spring day in Lancaster County for my book, For the Love of Clotheslines.


March has a several happenings for posting:

1) International Women’s Day, March 8th: If you Google these words, lots will come up & I will have my own posting, such as the example below about women & voting in the USA.

2) 3) 4)Purim on March 15th & St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th: I will celebrate Purim with an attempt at gluten-free Hamentaschen and St. Pat’s Day with a green veggie-based dish, seen below and also as part of National Nutrition Month, with a follow-up on brain health and food:

5. Spring/Spring Equinox is on March 20th: Here’s a short rhyme for this time of year, despite climate change:

It’s a Spring Thing!

By ellensue

Mother Nature never fails
To be the wind behind our sails.
Think of yellow daffodils
Their sunny faces give us thrills.

How ‘bout tulips’ many hues
To chase away the winter blues?
And azalea bushes in purple and pink
Cheering us up, no need to think.

Even the trees are “blooming” green,”
Creating a canopy with a lovely scene.
Spring is a welcome, lovely season.
Enjoy it now, whatever your reason!

I will also be posting more info on the environment, including books I am reading for Earth Day postings in April.

Stay tuned for Spring postings! ellensue

Crocuses are a sure sign Spring is in the wings!

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