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Dear Green American,

As a Green American, you know we can all make a positive difference with the economic and civic actions we take. Fortunately, there are many ways to help address the big challenges facing our society and world. Let’s take advantage of all of them!

Like voting.

Did you know this includes shareholder voting?

If you own stock directly, not in a mutual fund, there may be issues affecting people and the planet being put to a vote by shareholders like you at the companies in which you invest.

Green America’s list of key 2022 shareholder resolutions highlights many crucial social and environmental resolutions on shareholder ballots this year.

Concerned investors have filed resolutions at hundreds of companies, reflecting many of the key issues of our times, seeking to improve Corporate America’s role in addressing those issues.

This spring, when the majority of shareholder votes take place, check the proxy ballot you receive in the mail or electronically to see if resolutions like these are up for a vote at the companies in which you invest:

  • Limiting or ending fossil fuel financing and underwriting
  • Adopting greenhouse gas reduction goals
  • Reporting on corporate impacts on Indigenous Peoples
  • Reporting on human rights impacts
  • Reporting on gender and minority pay disparities
  • Adopting a paid sick leave policy
  • Disclosing corporate lobbying and political spending
  • And more!

Resolutions on climate and racial justice are now on the rise. Concerned investors have filed more than 500 resolutions for 2022 – over 20% more than last year. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity to cast votes that benefit people and the planet!

For more information on this year’s compelling resolutions and trends, download the free 2022 Proxy Preview. Green America is proud to co-sponsor this excellent resource produced by our allies at As You Sow, the Sustainable Investments Institute, and Proxy Impact.
2022 Proxy Preview
Need help understanding your proxy ballot? Here are tips to read your ballot.

We need “all hands on deck” to take advantage of every opportunity we have to make a difference. Thank you to all shareholders for voting your values in the weeks and months ahead!

For a green economy for all,

Fran Teplitz
Executive Co-Director for Business, Investing & Policy, Director of the Green Business Network®
Green America
P.S. See Green America’s fossil-free financial products and services to align your investments with your commitment to a clean energy economy.
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