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Black History Month Message from the Tax March Team

Thursday, February 28th, 2019

Note: Here is an email that might be of interest. Feel free to share on your social media pages or via emails. This is my second posting for Black History Month, because both this and the Human Right message are important. thanx, ellensue


Ellen Sue —

This Black History Month, we’re celebrating hundreds of years of Black history — and acknowledging the past and present of an economy and a tax code that has been rigged disproportionately against Black communities.

After hundreds of years of Black American struggle, activism, and achievement:

  • On average, Black workers’ wages are still only 75% of their white counterparts
  • White households headed by high school dropouts attain more wealth than Black households led by college graduates
  • Of the nearly $275 billion in tax breaks provided to individuals by the GOP Tax Scam last year, about 80% of the benefits went to white households


We’ll be amplifying Black historical figures’ perspectives on the American economy and the present state of economic (in)justice for Black communities in the U.S. all month on Facebook and Twitter.


The Tax March Team