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Thanks to all of your calls, emails and tweets, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is one step closer to being off-limits to oil and gas drilling. In less than a day, supporters like you from across our national network sent over 30,000 messages to senators.

After an outpouring of public support for the Arctic Refuge yesterday, the Senate leadership decided not to bring Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s pro-drilling amendments up for a vote.

We haven’t won yet, but this is an important step forward for restoring permanent protections to the Arctic Refuge.

Because these amendments failed, the road has been paved for Arctic Refuge protections to be fully restored later this year. This would guarantee that the Arctic Refuge is closed to drilling.

We’ll need your help to secure these permanent protections, but shutting down yesterday’s amendments kept drilling out of the Arctic for now.

Thank you for standing up for the Arctic Refuge,

Wendy Wendlandt

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