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World Vegetarian Day Follow Up

Sunday, October 4th, 2020

October 1st was World Vegetarian Day. Because I posted a poem and art for fall, I only listed a website to view. Here it is again in case you missed it:


Today I am posting information that is a follow-up to World Vegetarian Day. The source is from Food Revolution, a creation of Ocean and John Robbins (whom I met decades ago at a vegetarian conference.) In one email I received a chart called TOP 10 Foods to EAT and AVOID for Longevity. (Short explanations are added to each food)
(Source: Reprinted with permission.

Foods to EAT:                                                Foods to AVOID:

Leafy, dark greens                                              Sugar/Artificial Sweeteners

Berries                                                                Alcohol

Mushrooms                                                         Fried Foods

Legumes/Beans                                                  White Flour

Nuts/Seeds                                                         Processed Meats

Onions/Garlic                                                     Soda

Tomatoes                                                           Commercial Baked Goods

Cabbage & Other Crucifers                                 Grain-Fed Red Meat

Turmeric                                                            Dairy

Tea                                                                     High-Salt Foods



Sorry, the Jewish Holiday of Succot interrupted my posting of this recipe, so I will post it on Monday or Tuesday if this week. Thanx, Lois, for catching my error!

Also, here is a simple Early Fall Salad to help you celebrate eating lower on the food chain. Because I had not planned to post it, I don’t have specific amounts, so this is one of my cooking-by-the-strings of your apron.