Resources for the Environment

My friend Pauline has a monthly class via ZOOM from our local senior center with the title of Protect the Planet. Her research saves us a lot of time.

Today she recommended one website that I plan to check out:

In the meantime, I took some photos of the trees in their last hurrah and penned a short rhyme:

Loving Autumn


Ev’ry year about this time

I like to pen an autumn rhyme

To show how much I love the trees

turning color, no time to grieve.

Instead I swoon with every shade

And enjoy what Mother Nature’s made.

The colorful palette of yearly Fall

Raises my spirits, like a tree, so tall.

So celebrate awesome autumn while it lasts

Loving it as a last hurrah, a final blast

Before the winter with trees so bare,

but even then, I am very aware

Of how autumn touches my heart,

Giving it a colorful jump start!

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