Go Fund Me Update

Here is a copy of the update I just posted on Go Fund Me to the people who have donated.
I am still hoping for more donations, because I think my estimate of $1,000 for both books I hope to publish was low. However,  I will continue to work on her book and hopefully have the editing done by New Year’s so my colleague Krista can work on the book design.  My goal is to have it IN PRINT by Cherie’s 94th birthday in March.

Have a wonderful holiday season and please feel free to share this message with others who do not read my postings and may wish to go to GoFundMe.com to make a donation of any amount. No amount is too small!

On my dashboard is the title: Stories of Holocaust Resilience and Cherie’s story so far is a great example!


Dear Donators:

I am working on Cherie Goren’s story of how she came to America with Hitler on her family’s heels. While she is not a professional writer, her story is very engaging and has some humor mixed in with the seriousness of the journey to freedom.
I am still collecting donations, because the editing process requires my going to Cherie’s and going over my suggested changes in person, which is quicker than emailing her back and forth. She is good on the computer, but I need to ask questions within questions and get explanations about certain words or details.
Fortunately, she lives closely so going there is easy, but I am spending more time than I anticipated, but I think the time is worth it, to get her story republished.

Happy Holidays and Thank you again!

You can also make a donation by check as some people have done. Email me at: menupause.info@gmail so I can send you my snail mail address. I also have a PayPal account you can use: ellensuespicerjacobson@gmail.com. 

With gratitude,



P.S. I am working on some recipes to post, possibly next week or right after the first of the year.  Food is still very important to me, but this campaign and editing Cherie’s book has become a stronger priority until the book is in print.

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