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March Winds & Snow: Spring on the Way?

Friday, March 1st, 2019

The last few days have seen heavy winds in our area, a prelude perhaps to “March Comes in like a Lion….?”
And then this morning, our car was covered with snow. So don’t put away your boots and mittens!


Here is a photo I took in Lancaster on a windy day and it is part of my “Laundry Lines from Lancaster County” chapter from my book: For the Love of Clotheslines, available on Amazon for $18.00.



The caption reads: High Line Between Bare Trees: Lancaster County, PA


I am hoping that this month will see the completion of Cherie Goren’s memoir, A Time to Keep, that my colleague Krista and I are helping her republish with the Go Fund Me! campaign. I hosted a poetry/short story event at the senior center and while there were only seven of us, I enjoyed hearing other people’s poems and short stories. I read an excerpt from Cherie’s book, because she could not come and borrowed a new poetry book I hope to review soon.


With spring only one month away, I am hoping we soon have balmier weather as we did in Florida when we were there in mid-February. We went to the Miami Zoo, which is more like a large tract of land with trees and no cages. The animals were in their own large areas with a moat around each area so that guests could not get to the animals and vice versa. Each animal area explained if the animal was endangered or not. Here I am feeding the giraffes. The one I fed had a huge black tongue that came out like a whip!



While in Florida, we stayed at a very small motel. The manager showed us where the laundry room was in the backyard area of the motel, and wouldn’t you know it, there was a clothesline!  How lucky can I get— feeding the giraffe and finding a clothesline in my “backyard.”


March (15th) is St. Patrick’s Day, where green is the predominant color, a great introduction to spring and having the trees leafing again and flowers come up to beautify Mother Earth. I hope to have a new recipe that emphasizes greens, greens, greens!



Couldn’t resist one more laundry photo taken on the same windy day as the one above, also in my book:


The caption reads: Sky Blue High Lines: Lancaster County, PA


P.S. March will be the 13th anniversary of my posting on Menupause!

Two of My Favorite Things

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Never mind “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,” give me fall leaves and reticulations on giraffes, two visual pleasures I experienced a couple of weeks ago when fall was in its glory and so were the giraffes at a small zoo nearby, the Elmwood Park Zoo, mostly kid-friendly with farm animals as well as wild animals, but I zoomed in on the trees and the giraffes, both tall and stately.


So here are some photos of the trees near the zoo and the two giraffes that lived there. Normally, I am not a proponent of zoos, but this one emphasizes the importance of keeping wild animals from becoming extinct, so it was also a learning experience,with the names of extinct or endangered animals as part of the exhibits.


P.S. A photo of me on the giraffe bench is at the end.





























P.S. WordPress does not allow me to space the fotos exactly where I want them, so excuse their weird placement. My draft never looks like the final Preview, so I have to live with this until they upgrade the program.