Gifts from the HeartH

The word “hearth” literally¬† means the floor of the fireplace, but the word also ignites feelings of warmth and good feelings of home. Since the word also has the letters for heart in it, so I am using it to introduce gifts for the holidays that come from your heart, not just your pocketbook.

One of the best gifts to give from the heart is a gift of time, such as a hand knit scarf or a homemade jar of jam. Since so many women work full time, this kind of gift is even more revered, because the receiver realizes that the giver also gave of her time. On my recent trip to see old friends in Central PA I brought bottles of a dip/dressing, created by friends of friends. They call it Sparlic and it consists of salt, parsley, garlic, and olive oil. I changed the name to Parslic, since parsley is the main ingredient in the recipe.  Here is the link to my recipe in a previous posting:

I grew organic parsley on my patio this summer and it is still alive! So I made several bottles of Parslic and gave them as holiday house gifts went we went to C PA.


When I watch TV I often knit. I received some lovely yarn as a gift from my classmate, Lois, so I am using it to make scarves and hats. Here is the scarf I just finished, using earth tones. I meant to bring it to my former rabbi when I went to C. PA., but forgot the box, so now I will mail it. He was surprised when I told him I had a scarf that I made for him. I know from his response that he was pleased. That is my thank you!

Of course, many of us do not have the time or ability or desire to create homemade gifts. But most of us are on a budget, as well. So this article from Women’s Voices for Change may be just what you need: – “Holiday Shopping: Creative and Thoughtful Gifts Under $25.”

Whichever way you want to give, give from your heart. A simple gift that you chose or made lovingly more than makes up for one that puts your checkbook in the red. Don’t fall for the hype. Give from the HeartH!

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