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Early Posting for Women’s International Day (Fri.)

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Just received an email from Pink Ribbon Blues author, Gayle Sulik, whose book of the same name I reviewed in 2010. She just sent me this info that I want to pass along to you.  She will be part of this exciting summit that you can tap into. Tomorrow I already have a posting for this day, a review of Half the Sky.

International Women’s Day, and the WISH Summit

Posted: 07 Mar 2013 12:28 PM PST

In celebration of International Women’s Day, the Women’s International Summit for Health (WISH) kicks off tomorrow (March 8th). In its fourth and final year, the 2013 WISH summit features interviews and writings from leading experts on breast cancer, sex and hormones, diet and detox, love and luck, money, mystery, mothering and even the secrets of women’s self-defense. This entire series is FREE, and you can download the MP3s of interviews between Tera Warner and her guests.

And guess what? I’m one of the guests! (Gayle is referring to herself)

In our interview Tera asked me about the history of the pink ribbon, what’s transpired in the last 30 years in breast cancer, where we’re headed, what people can do, why I’m so passionate about changing the breast cancer paradigm, and lastly, what my WISH is for women.

Tera: What is your WISH for women?

Gayle: Pink ribbon culture — because it’s become so focused on the fun, the triumphant, the sexy and consumption-oriented approach to awareness — actually diminishes our ability to be honest and empathetic. It sugarcoats in such a way that the full range of experiences, which includes suffering, becomes hidden. And when all of these experiences are hidden it creates separation and isolation. It brings the idea of personal empowerment and lifestyle to the forefront to such a degree that sometimes we tend to look only after ourselves and our personal needs, our personal hopes and dreams and the people who are closest to us in our lives. We can forget that there is a whole other world of experience. We can forget that there is a whole lot of suffering out there too.

And that’s the basis of my WISH. That we will be brave enough to take a real look, a heart felt look at the full realities of cancer. The good. The bad. The ugly. The suffering. And that we’ll be loving enough to ourselves and to each other that we will be willing to step into that suffering. That we will create deeper connections with each other and a safe space to ask critical questions, so we can think about what’s working; think about what’s not working; and then take action. Because if we’re just contentious –”Go pink, or go home!” — we’re never going to get anywhere. I think if we step into the suffering and really look at what people are dealing with, then that’s the bridge to realizing that we can be compassionate, empathetic, and critical at the same time. Because the critical part is not out of malice. It’s out of making it better.

That’s what the people I work with are all about. That’s where I’m at with it. That’s my wish. And thank you for asking.

It was an open and honest conversation that I hope you will find useful.

Register for free access to the WISH 40 days and 40 nights of wisdom for women and listen to any and all of these powerful and at times playful conversations. There is nothing you need to do but watch your inbox for an announcement about how to access the calls. Every new call will be broadcast on the SAME page at 8pm Eastern every night, and you will receive the link for the call.

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