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Celebrating Trees & Their Fruits: Tu B’shvat

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Last night my husband and I attended an interesting evening with other Jewish members of Shireinu, the  small congregation we belong to with a husband and wife both officiating as rabbis. Quite interesting. We were celebrating the Jewish Holiday of the Trees, called Tu B’Shvat.  I liken it to a combination of Earth Day & Arbor Day, since there is big emphasis on the environment.

As part of the celebration, we sampled fruits and nuts of all kinds. The foods were with pits and without pits or fruits in which the whole fruit was edible, which some say correspond to our way of dealing with the world. The more we trust one another, the more we can shed our shells and be whole.

It was a delicious evening & this morning, in honor of Tu B’shvat, I ate a small fruit salad made from fruits that have edible seeds: organic blackberries, raspberries, & kiwi. Why I can still get organic berries in February is a question I need to ask Whole Foods. My goal is to purchase local fruit, but with berries I make an exception!  The website does note the following:

February Fruits: persimmons, kiwi, cherimoya, grapefruit, oranges

February Vegetables: Brussels sprouts, shallots, cauliflower, leeks

So at least the kiwi is in season!

Since fruits are a good source of nutrients, fiber, and anti-oxidants (esp. berries), I just wanted to remind you to include fruits in your heart healthy meals. The picture below is just a combination of berries & kiwi with a little organic grape juice to moisten & sprinkled with heart healthy unsweetened coconut. Also, please eat your fruit fresh & organic, especially when you cannot peel it, as with the berries.

Additionally, the veggies listed above are also part of my daily diet. Cruciferous veggies are often featured in magazine articles as part of a healthy diet . I have a couple of recipes using cauliflower & Brussels Sprouts which you can find in my Recipe Index.

Enjoy organic, fresh fruits & veggies for a healthy body, including your heart.