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Four Seasons in Four Weeks- Part 2: Winter Cycle

Friday, June 19th, 2015

To read Part I, Fall, just scroll down.

This is the art work to introduce Winter by Mara Berendt Friedman

This is the second week of the female cycle from Four Seasons in Four Weeks, which author Suzanne Mathis McQueen likens to winter. The central theme for this week /season is: “Building energy, relationships, projects, and sexuality” with emphasis on not procrastinating. Additionally, this is a productive time to build all areas of your life with confidence and love, while at the same time acknowledge your power.

This winter week sounds very busy, perhaps because your body is building estrogen, maturing eggs and you are moving to the full moon. Air is the leading element indicating communication and breathing. This season is when the body’s energy is high, you are centered and motivated, super busy and can be connected and affectionate or feeling pressured or depressed.

Suzanne suggests using this winter week to create projects and build or mend relationships without procrastinating. At the same time, nurture yourself with warm foods such as root vegetables. (Winter is my time for soups.) If you are in a relationship, do some courting, have date nights, cook together, show interest in your partner, have deep talks to solve relationship issues and be affectionate.

If you are still menstruating, then this is the week when your uterus is “under construction,” building a uterine “nest” to incubate a fertilized egg, should you become pregnant. Suzanne writes: “with estrogen rising rapidly, your inner and outer brilliance radiates exponentially as these hormones prepare your uterus for possible pregnancy,” accompanied by a high sex drive. (I will have to ask her if this is true for post-menopausal women!)

The author tells us not to worry if we are not an ovulating woman, you can still track the moon phases and even though you can no longer become pregnant, the body knows it way. You can still work on projects and relationships and when your thoughts, words, and actions lie up, the result will be clarity.

I like the fact that McQueen tells us that this is the time when things go back to a routine after the winter holidays and do indoor projects, or what she calls the home and hearth time. This is also a nurturing time which matches the moon’s growing bigger as you build your confidence, beauty and energy.

In fact, I like this whole concept of matching our female cycle with the season, each week resonating with one of the seasons. I especially like her take on clarity: “getting close to your pure truth about your values…..”

Finally, Suzanne suggest you use this week to pay more attention to your clothes, your hair, your body. No need to splurge on new clothes, just pay a little more attention to what you wear and try something new.  She writes, “Be beautiful!” I love it!

Note: This is only a peek at what Suzanne has offered. The book is filled with wonderful information and reading it makes me feel empowered. Look for it online or in stores or go to Suzanne’s website: www.4seasons4 This week she may be on retreat (I am green with envy) in Oregon, so if you don’t receive a response from her website, please be patient. (Cost: $24.95)

This is the beautiful cover of the book, which I will show with every section I review.