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Environmental Resources: Food & Water Watch

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Since Earth Day in April, I have been saving many of the snail mail requests for donations from organizations that are concerned about the environment, global warming, etc. I thought I would share their info and websites in case you want to know more and perhaps make a donation. I receive many more solicitation than I can handle, and wish I could give more, but posting them on my website is one way I can make a difference without money, money, money! Here is the first organization that I think is worth investigating. More to come……..

The FOOD and WATER WATCH ( has its fingers in several pies., all related to saving our water supply from pollution or other dangers. In a recent mailing I received information on Five Frightening Facts About Fracking. Since fracking has been a hot topic in C. PA, where I used to live, I felt this was a good way to bring up the subject on my website.

1. Fracking* a single well can require more than one million gallons of water, depleting local ground water and possibly drying up nearby creeks. Wastewater from fracking contains high levels of radioactivity that wastewater plants are not equipped to treat.

2. Dangerous Fracking chemicals are kept secret, because in many states the drilling companies are not required to disclose the chemicals they use to frack. The mixture of chemicals is considered a “trade secret.” However, independent analysts have identified 41 known chemicals in fracking fluid that are extremely toxic.

3. The “Halliburton Loophole.” Because of extensive lobbying from former Vice President Dick Cheney when e was in office, big oil & gas are exempt from the Safe Drinking Water Act & the Clean Air Act.

4. You can light your tap water on fire. Leaks into nearby wells and drinking water from fracking is explosive. The gas that is released when the high explosives used in fracking shatters rock can make you sick and even kill you.

5. The number of fracking wells is growing at an exponential rate. It is already underway in 28 states. Big oil & gas companies are racing to drill wells before more people realize the dangers in fracking.

This is one of the signs on the Food & Water Watch website.

*Fracking involves pumping fluids underground into shale formations to release pockets of natural gas, which are then pumped to the surface. The Marcellus Shale region covers approximately 124,000 square kilometers from New York to West Virginia and is being intensely developed.

The researchers found that disposal of the large amounts of fracking well wastewater presents risks from salts and radioactive materials that are “several orders of magnitude larger” than for other potential water pollution pathways examined in the new study. Other water pollution pathways studied include a tanker truck spilling its contents while transporting fluids used in the drilling process going to or from a well site; a well casing failing and leaking fluids to groundwater; fracturing fluids traveling through underground fractures into drinking water; and drilling site spills at the surface caused by improper handling of fluids or leaks from storage tanks and retention ponds. Definition

P.S. Please note that food & water watch is involved in many environmental issues that concern us, such as “Take Back the Tap,” The Farm Bill, Genetically Engineered Foods, & Factory Fish Farming issues. Please visit the website for more information. It seems to be a very worthwhile organization.