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A Father’s Day Tribute by Mary Lou Meyers

Sunday, June 15th, 2014
What does it take to be a good dad today?
It takes more than just income, providing for,
more than just a presence in the house
or one who metes out punishment
and occasional rewards,
a trip to the zoo or an ice cream cone.

It takes being a part of the daily Give and Take
to make a family work.
It takes a shoulder to cry on or ride on,
pushing a swing that carries them beyond the commonplace
into the rare.

It takes dropping what you’re doing,
a listening ear, and a caring tone for their sake.
It doesn’t take Grandiose Plans
or wishful thinking,
but more subtle innuendos
for kids like to orchestrate their own Fate.

It takes a father, who is cheering them on in the stands,
practicing what he preaches in homework and sports,
and countless hours for projects that they initiate,
a tree house they draw plans for,
but most of all it takes a steady voice tinged with laughter,
that takes the gloom out of a bad test grade,
or stays in your corner no matter the odds.

If you’ve met all the criteria, you are a great dad,
and a good man the best model a kid can have.