Earth Day Every Day: Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Petition

I recently received a petition about a pesticide named DICAMBA from Monsanto.

Here is the main message:

Farmers in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri are reporting extensive crop damage from dicamba, the herbicide being used on Monsanto’s latest GE soy and cotton.

Particularly prone to drift into neighboring fields, dicamba is toxic to broadleaf plants like fruit, nuts, vegetables — and non-GE soy.

Even USDA scientists warned that pesticide drift would be a problem with these seeds. It’s time for the agency to reverse its decision and pull Monsanto’s “Xtend” seeds off the market.

Speak up today! Urge decision makers to protect farmer livelihoods over Monsanto’s bottom line.


MY NOTE: If you type in Pesticide Action Network in the address box on your Internet provider, you can choose Our Campaigns and find more about all their campaigns and choose the one you wish to support with a petition or a donation.

The one labeled Healthy Kids is the one focused on the pesticides (See message above). Choose the campaign you feel is the most important and click on Take Action to sign a petition of your choosing.

Thanx! Celebrate the 4th of July by exercising your right to free speech and speak up for banning dangerous pesticides! ellensue

 P.S. The whole message from my email was too large to fit on my website.


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