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Reprint from the Environmental Working Group

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Note: This reprint falls under the heading The Politics of Food. I have been reading about the fiscal cliff but came to attention when it overlapped this bill.
Also, the text bleeds over into the right margin because ewg’s message is larger than my page.

Take action: Say NO! to the secret farm bill

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 9:12 AM
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Tell Congress to say NO to the secret farm bill

Dear Ellen Sue Jacobson,

The fiscal cliff is getting wall-to-wall coverage, but there is one side of the story you may not know.

Right now, Big Agriculture’s lobbyists – with help from compliant politicians – are trying to get large government handouts for corporate mega-farms.

We were afraid the Ag lobby would make this move, and now it’s for real. We have to stop it – before it becomes part of the fiscal cliff bill.

For weeks, advocates for corporate mega-farms have been covertly trying to jam a $1 trillion farm bill into legislation designed to avert America’s fiscal crisis.

Why are they doing this? They don’t want to give House reformers a chance to cut subsidies to the largest and most profitable farm businesses – the best way to relieve some of the budget pressure that threatens support for local and organic farming, conservation and anti-hunger aid.

EWG is leading the fight against this travesty, which would continue to pour money into industrial commodity farms that are already seeing record profits.

Time is running out. Congress must hear from you. Tell Congressional leaders to throw out this cynical ploy by the subsidy lobby to subvert reform – and democracy.

Click here to tell Congressional leadership to say “NO!” to the secret farm bill. There are only a few days to turn the tide, and we need your rapid response!

Politicians writing the fiscal cliff bill have an important job to do: balance the federal budget.

But the biggest agribusiness operations are trying to hijack the process in order to grab new government handouts – on top of their record profits!

These new giveaways would come at the expense of critical healthy food programs, especially those aimed at kids. Dollars wasted on bloated subsidy payments will not be available to grow more organic food and protect vital nutrition programs for unemployed and low-income Americans.

Everyone who eats has a stake in the outcome. If you want healthy food for your family at reasonable prices, we need you to step up right this minute.

Thankfully, it’s not a done deal yet – not for another few days. Our political leaders need to hear from you that you want them to reject big new handouts for Big Ag once and for all. This is no time to hesitate; take action today.

Click here to tell Congressional leadership to say “NO!” to the secret farm bill. There are only a few days to turn the tide, and we need your rapid response!

Thank you for taking action today. There isn’t a moment to lose.


Ken Cook
President, Environmental Working Group

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P.S. On my Home Page I noted that I would post fewer times each week to give more time to my personal writing. This does not include reprints, since they are usually too important to ignore & like to pass it on to readers.