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Memorial Day Photos

Sunday, May 26th, 2019

With all the ads and sales surrounding holiday week-ends, we often forget about the true meaning of the holidays. Of course, the word “memorial” is part of the title, so let’s not forget that between the BBQs, beaches, and balmy weather, Memorial Day (tomorrow) is a day to honor those from any war who gave their lives to make our own lives better and to keep our country free.

Coincidentally, the book I have been editing is now on Amazon: A Time to Keep: A Memoir of Growing Up in Memel, Lithuania, and coming to America in 1939. So I think it is no coincidence that we were celebrating the (re) publication of Cherie’s book  on Friday with her moving and charming memoir about WWII and Hitler’s invasion of Memel, once part of Germany, and Cherie’s heartfelt tale of flight and immigration to America.

So while we are celebrating the book’s publication on Amazon,  I am well aware of the sacrifices men and women make during war-time, both on the field and on the home front. I have also reviewed many of Teresa Funke’s children’s books on WWII, which I hope to list on Monday.

In the meantime, here are some stock photos from the Internet to remind us of the true meaning of Memorial Day, remembering the fallen men and women who died defending America.


 Let’s celebrate and commemorate freedom on this important day!