Autumn’s Treasure: Final Tree Poem for Fall

As the leaves fall to the ground and the last of the colored leaves cling to their branches, I took some photos and wrote this poem that I will add to my growing collection of fall rhymes.

Autumn’s Treasure

Early soft-lit sunshine, low in the autumn morn

Glistens on the falling leaves, beautifully worn.

Autumn: a time for change in nature’s book,

Enjoy the season’s treasures; Fall has a flaming look.

As Earth turns on its axis, tilting from the sun,

The leaves are gently falling, one by one by one.

Deep green chlorophyll ceases to be seen;

Leaves are red & gold, without the stronger green.

The time has come for trees to rest before a winter storm,

While hopefully we are tucked inside, safe and ever-warm.

Instead of mourning this time of leaves daily dying,

Honor this cycle of life — no need for sadness or crying.

Enjoy Mother Nature’s many gifts that all of us can share.

Celebrate every one, whatever “garments” she may wear.

Embrace this precious time so trees can rest and grow.

Take care of Planet Earth, for we reap the history that we sow!



Fall Poem by Stanley Fink

Stanley Fink is another member of the creative writing group to which I belong. Here is his offering for Fall and my photo.

With Flaming Foliage beginning soon, I thought this would be a good start to OCTOBER, my favorite month because of FALL!

Thanx, Stan! ellensue


Fall’s flaming shades fade
Ancient trees sing harmony
To greet next Spring’s bride.


Stanley’s two poetry books available from

Twilight/Kiss of Light and Dark                            Living Dangerously

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