The Long & Short Poems for the first day of Autumn

Last week, our creative writing group host from New Horizons Senior Center gave us “Autumn” as the prompt for our class, done on ZOOM. Two poems I really enjoyed were a haiku (short poem) by Eileen Abrams and a longer poem by from Mary Lou Meyer‘s book Floating Free. (I added the colors.) Here they are with some early autumn photos of trees and flowers from our condo surroundings and our neighborhood, with lovely stone and brick homes made even more beautiful with fall flowers and trees. I wanted this posted before 3 pm, because the fall solstice starts 3:20 pm today, Wed., Sept 22nd.

P.S. Reminder that my fall cooking class is Friday, Sept. 24th @ 10:30 am: If you scroll back to the previous posting, you will see the review of the cookbook and one of the recipes.

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Autumnal Transparency
by Mary Lou Meyers
Autumn comes in mellifluous tongues,
disguised among the spoils of the summer season,
a last testament to unreasonable heat,
wedged between the vibrant chords of Spring
and the first inkling of Winter’s discordant cross,
marigolds touched with frost.
Perfection is born in the breathtaking air,
shattering the sky’s crystal chandelier.
Liquid gold splashed everywhere on fields and meadows,
on the tremor of wings soaring in sunlit skies.
We are born anew with Gypsy blood gushing forth,
ford rippling streams with effervescent broth
with peace etched on every mountain peak,
valleys filled with gold lamé to greet our restless feet.
Trembling trees unload their heaven-scented apples
to satisfy our unquenchable taste and hunger.
Winnowing wind soothes our nightly slumber,
while storied maples bring a tinge of crimson glory
to the plaintive strains under a Harvest Moon glow.
Soon nothing matters but the bountiful beauty instilled
in the corridors of radiant light,
our hearts filled as we fade into a brilliant transparency. 
Autumn‘s Arrival  by Eileen Abrams

Greens become reds,
golds, then browns
The life of a leaf.

My heartfelt thanks to the members of our creative writing group ellensue

First Day of Fall: Rhymes and Photos

Fall is my very favorite season, so I have penned several (mostly) rhyming poems, some of which I have  posted over the years. But here are several all together to celebrate the first day of Autumn with photos from my own archives. Some of the poems were written when I was a bed & breakfast cook in Maine in October, when the foliage was really “flaming!” This was especially apparent at the lake across from the B & B, with trees aflame like a ring of fire.

Note: The photo under Never Ending Autumn is original art from my laundry book, For the Love of Clotheslines, created by my artistic friend Pat when she visited me.


Awesome Autumn

There’s a tree outside my window

flaming leaves it does adorn;

every day its fire greets me

through the softly, sunlit dawn.

Leafy-laden, tall and stately,

in the wind I hear its sighs;

brilliant branches span my vision;

color bedazzles my morning eyes.

All too soon the leaves forsake it,

leaving branches stripped and bare.

Patiently I await the springtime;

green returns again to wear.

Trees are truly awesome wonders,

‘specially in the blazing Fall.

Kilmer was acutely accurate:

trees are lovely, all in all.


Autumn Anticipation

Patiently I wait for Summer’s ending
to fan the flames of Fall.

Summer means only Autumn’s pending,
my favorite season, best of all.

Enduring all the hot summer days,
anticipating September—

Dreams of Autumn’s fiery blaze;
Ah! the crispness I remember.


Autumn’s Song

Leaves of red and burnished gold
drift so gently to the ground.

As Autumn turns to winter’s cold,
leaves die softly, without a sound.

Winter dazzles with the snow.
Flowers blossom in the Spring,

Summer brings its sunny glow,
but Autumn, Autumn, makes me sing!


Never Ending Autumn

Mother Nature is the lender
of glorious & vibrant Autumn splendor.

I don’t prefer Summer—instead
trees of rust & gold & red.

For all this notion may be worth,
falling leaves are jewels of Mother Earth…

A carpet of many colors ….  splendid;
no need to save, change, or mend it.

Perpetual Fall would be my fantasy;
looking up, only brilliance would I see.

Autumn splendor that never ends—
That’s what this poem lovingly intends.


Fall Fever

The leaves are barely turning,
yet my fever has begun!
I feel October’s yearning,
as I bask in the late-day sun.

Summer makes me sweaty;
Winter makes me whine.
Spring brings on a smile,
but Fall is definitely divine.

This fever brings me pleasure.
I’m eager every year
to enjoy Autumn’s treasure,
and when it’s gone — a plaintive tear.

Each season has its place,
but my heart belongs to Fall.
A feeling I cannot cure,
Fall Fever says it all!


Autumn Daze

Sunshine warms my weathered face,

Upturned to greet its glow.

Shimmers on the water.

Glassy ripples….. slow.

Mountains bloom russet shades;

stillness on the dock.

Nature all around

on leaves & grass & rock.

Oh! That Fall could last forever

Through the winter long

October mem’ries keep me warm

with Autumn’s flaming song!



Fall Fascination

The trees are shedding their autumn garb–

Leaves, falling softly, like a whisper.

Soon the branches will be naked and

shivering from winter’s wind & snow.

But for now the lingering flaming foliage

fascinates me like nothing else.

The leaves’ last hurrah—dizzy & dazzling,

bursting with color.
An encore before Fall’s finale!


Autumn in Bridgton (Maine)



Autumn rain has come to Bridgton

The leaves are all aground.

A flaming carpet ‘neath my feet;

They fall without a sound.

Autumn rain has come to Bridgton;

A wet and wonderful chill.

Sad and somber some would say,

But I love the Autumn, still.

The rains will change soon, here in Bridgton,

To sparkling sunlight on the lake.

I’ll gather leaves from Nature’s carpet—

A bit of Bridgton I will take.

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