Fall Poem by Stanley Fink

Stanley Fink is another member of the creative writing group to which I belong. Here is his offering for Fall and my photo.

With Flaming Foliage beginning soon, I thought this would be a good start to OCTOBER, my favorite month because of FALL!

Thanx, Stan! ellensue


Fall’s flaming shades fade
Ancient trees sing harmony
To greet next Spring’s bride.


Stanley’s two poetry books available from Amazon.com:

Twilight/Kiss of Light and Dark                            Living Dangerously

Leaf Peeping for 2012 – Over until Next Year

After our vacation to upstate NY, Canada and W. PA, we came back to another fantastic Fall. The leaves were barely changing before we left Philadelphia, but by the time we returned, we were seeing what we saw on our trip. I hate to see Fall disappear into winter, so I wrote this rhyme to express that feeling. The photos are from my neighborhood and adjacent areas, specifically, Curtis Arboretum.

Ever Autumn

End of Oct. 2012


Autumn’s beauties with laden limbs—
The trees are shouting Nature’s hymns.

Kilmer had it right, you see–
No poem lovelier than a tree.

Autumn’s gems against blue skies
I gaze up with enraptured eyes.

If I could have one wish to state
‘Twould be that Fall would never wait

To turn its leaves to red and gold;
Be ever Autumn, bright and bold!