Here’s another hint from EWG on what’s in your food:

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See the list of nearly 500 foods with the same chemical as yoga mats

Dear Ellensue,

Yoga mat sandwich? How about a flip-flop hoagie?

If only this were a joke. You may have heard that our friend Vani Hari – the Food Babe – just successfully campaigned to have Subway remove a chemical commonly found in yoga mats, flip-flops, insulation and more from the bread the company uses for its sandwiches.

We know how concerned the food community is about this, so EWG has taken Vani’s work one step further.

Using the ingredient data from our upcoming food database, we found the same chemical – azodicarbonamide – in nearly 500 items and more than 130 brands of bread, stuffing, pre-made sandwiches and snacks.

Click here to see which foods contain this industrial chemical.

Azodicarbonamide, nicknamed ADA, is used in the plastics industry as a chemical foaming agent and in the food industry as a dough conditioner. What?!

While the additive has not undergone extensive testing to determine its health effects on humans – it is not food! Many well-known brands, including Pillsbury, Sara Lee, Shoprite, Safeway, Smucker’s, Fleischman’s, Jimmy Dean, Kroger, Little Debbie, Tyson and Wonder have been using it for sheer convenience.

EWG wants to make sure you have the information you need to make smarter choices about the food you eat. That’s why we compiled this list of products that contain ADA.

Click here to see nearly 500 food products that use the same chemical found in yoga mats and flip-flops.

Want more information like this? EWG aims to release our food database rating more than 80,000 products this year, and we need your help to finish! Click here to donate to EWG today and help us finish our food database.

Here’s to healthier eating.


Ken Cook
President, Environmental Working Group


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