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Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Today I am posting a piece I received in my email about chemicals in the environment from one of my favorite groups:

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Tell your representative to oppose the Chemicals in Commerce Act!


I can’t believe this: Thousands of untested chemicals could be labeled safe with little or no testing.

The Chemicals in Commerce Act is being shopped around the U.S. House of Representatives. It’s beyond the pale. This bill – backed by chemical industry lobbyists – is nothing more than a rubber stamp for untested chemicals.

If passed, this bill would not require companies to prove chemicals safe before they hit the market. It would allow thousands of chemicals to be considered “safe” with little or no investigation.

Your representative needs to hear from you today. We need toxics reform that protects us, not big chemical companies.

Click here tell your representative to oppose the Chemicals in Commerce Act today!

If you thought the existing law that regulates chemicals was backward, the Chemicals in Commerce Act would turn back the clock even further.

The facts speak for themselves. This bill would:

  • Leave children and consumers unprotected

  • Create no deadlines for chemical safety reviews

  • Block states from acting independently to protect their own residents

  • Limit the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s power to consider sound science when investigating chemicals

  • Fail to consider chemical threats to children and the elderly when setting priorities for investigating questionable or new chemicals

EWG has been on the front line fighting for reform of our nation’s broken chemicals policy. Real reform should protect the health and safety of Americans, not fill the coffers of big chemical companies.

We need a groundswell of opposition before CICA can gain traction in Congress. Will you take action today?

Click here to tell your representative to oppose CICA. We need reforms that put the health and safety of Americans above big chemical companies!

Thank you for taking action.


Ken Cook
President, Environmental Working Group


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