Saturday, December 4th, 2010

My kitchen is not state-of-the art and my utensils are probably not, either. I like stainless steel, cast iron and glass/Corningware for cooking, rarely use my food processor, but my blender gets a workout. In fact, I have two. Gradually add on what you need so you don’t break your budget. I don’t have a matched set of pots. I buy one at a time on sale wherever I see one, but make sure the stainless pots are thick on the bottom (3 ply), the cast iron is not too heavy, and the glass not too thin.

I use most of the same pots & pans & appliances every day. Here is my short list:

2 -3 stainless steel (SS) saucepans of different sizes. *Better to have larger ones if you can onlyh afford two. You can always put a little in a large pot, but not a lot in a little pot.

2 SS fry pans – medium and large (I don’t like non-stick pans, but keep one for special dishes that I want to be totally without oil),  or one SS and one cast iron.

One large Dutch oven style pot for pasta, corn on the cob, soup. It should be big enough to hold a steamer basket.

Steamer basket

Blender – Hand held or counter top

One set of sharp knives: one serrated for bread, one wide for chopping veggies, several paring knives of different lengths.

One or two oven pans for casseroles or baked goods – glass, corning ware or SS

One or two cookie sheets

Hand grater

2 strainers and one colander

wooden spoons, spatulas

Pot holders/mitts/dish towels/ sponges and scrubbies, scraper


Large wok -Same reason as above*

Counter top blender or food processor

Cast iron fry pan

Oven pan with grill top for grilled veggies –Mine came with my oven

Mandoline for grating and cutting veggies into different sizes

Vegetable juicer

Coffee grinder for spices or a mortar and pestle

Pastry brush

Coffee maker and/or teapot