Comfort Food: Warm Noodles with Cottage Cheese

As a child, my mother would make us noodles with cottage cheese as a quick dish. With five kids to feed, she wasn’t a gourmet cook! True, the noodles below are made with white flour and dairy, but even with organic cottage cheese I used, is not the best food for Jewish children, since many are lactose intolerant. But when I made this last week, the memories melted in my mouth.

I have learned that if I indulge occasionally in something that I know is not the most wholesome dish, but feeds my spirit, I throw away the rules and just enjoy! (I suspect that the recent death of my brother, with many¬†memories of our childhood surfacing, may have been the trigger for making this “memorable”¬†dish.)

Utensils: Large pot for noodles, strainer, serving bowl
Prep. Time/Cooking Time: About 20 minutes
Categories: Dairy Vegetarian, No Added Sugar


Noodles of your choice (I chose bow ties)
1/2 cup (or more) Organic Cottage cheese (small curd)
Dash of salt (and pepper)
Fresh or dried dill or other herb (optional)


  1. Cook noodles according to package directions for number of servings needed. (Bow ties take longer because of the thickness where they twist.)
  2. When done, drain well and rinse with warm water if they stick a little.
  3. Add salt and/or pepper if using in small amounts.
  4. Place in serving bowl with a dollop of organic cottage cheese and top with a sprinkle of dried dill leaves, if you wish.

Yield: Depends on whether it is a snack, side dish, or main dish. I ate the whole bowl!

Variations: Add sesame seeds for crunch. Add cinnamon and a natural sweetener if you have a sweet tooth.

P.S. You can also eat this when the noodles are cold.

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