March for Hunger by Mary Lou Meyers


Note: I forgot that World Vegetarian Day was October 1st and World Food Day was this past Sunday. By eating lower on the food chain (less meat), there will be more land to grow more food, so the two are actually related in my mind. This poem by my classmate Mary Lou Meyers was a reminder about these important days, which can be celebrated all year long through donations and actions at home, such as donating food to local food banks. Thanx, Mary Lou!
March for Hunger

(Who is the Prime Mover,
the Shaker-up of our slack
or our lack of action,
we can never truly pay back,
greed supplanted by this crying need.)

Look at the Hunger planted on each face,
supplanted by an embrace of others,
shamefaced at the struggle,
who take up the cudgel
offsetting the funeral space.
We are striding out finally
without disgrace,
to be recognized
in this land of plenty, optimized
by those who stand behind
filling up the pantries
with a source of nourishment.
There is the parting of the ways;
we go our three miles or more
not to best those that go
one mile or less.
but instead to test our mettle,
and finally settle on a pace
that defines our peace of mind.

Some sit on their porches
wondering what the hustle and bustle,
the old growing up at a time,
when the only help they got,
was neighbor to neighbor,
friend to friend,
an unending chain
not a sublime note like this
on a fine October Day;
not this continuous line up
of men, women, and children
stopping traffic without signs
but with benefit of sign ups
and cash for re-assignment.

At a half way point,
there are apples and water
to persevere in this line-up
grown refined in a one hour —proof
in this off-shoot of Truth.
No longer despair
to accompany them there,
just a high-strung elevated tone
enthroned in the Act of Giving
and not alone.

To sum it all up, afterward, finally relief;
chatting, chafing with the aches and pain
of bad backs, knees and feet
with the steady beat on the pavement,
but the feel good which elevates
all who congregated,
who have no trouble relating,
and know they will be back again
with the refrain——
to be seen Marching for a Dream,
but older and bolder
now greeting each one,
once strangers,
repeating the ritual,
a way to earn respect
and put food in the pantry
so others don’t die of neglect!


Also some U.S. Ending Hunger organizations’ website. Also don’t forget your local food bank.


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