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I love giraffes so the photo below is very disturbing to me and brings home the message of millions of animals vanishing from planet Earth. Read below, even if you cannot donate, the info is valuable. es

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Dear friends,

65 million years ago, an asteroid killed 75% of life on Earth.

Today we’re facing another mass extinction — but this time, the asteroid is us.

Humanity has now destroyed two-thirds of the world’s rain forests, half the coral reefs, and 87% of all wetlands. Now a million species are howling on the sharp edge of extinction.

We couldn’t stop the last mass die-off, but we can stop this one.
The next five months are critical.

Governments are busy negotiating a new global deal to save nature, with final talks at the end of August. It means we only have 150 days to ensure leaders follow the science and agree to protect half the planet.

Their decisions will be decisive for life on Earth, so we have to go all out.

If 10,000 of us make a small weekly donation, we can storm the talks, shaking the halls of power with the voices of Indigenous people, scientists, and millions of citizens. We’ll face down the polluters and poachers, pushing our leaders for a deal to truly end the extinction crisis.

I promise you this: we’ll fight with every fibre of our being.

Because Earth can’t wait anymore. For the bees, birds, bears, and every strand in the fragile web of life, join this deafening roar for the planet — donate what you can now:


More than 50 governments have now agreed to protect 30% of the planet by 2030 — but scientists say it isn’t enough. For nature to regenerate, and to save our planet’s life-support systems, we have to protect half the Earth — and we need a global treaty to enforce action.

Avaaz campaigners are already shaping the treaty, in fact our team of nature defenders is just back from the preliminary Geneva talks! But too many leaders are siding with polluters, weakening agreements, and running down the clock. We can’t let it happen!

Millions are getting this email right now. If enough of us make a small weekly donation, we could:

  • Super-size our campaign for maximum pressure on world leaders to deliver a real deal to save nature;
  • Bring the largest delegation of Indigenous leaders and scientists, backed by millions, into the final negotiations;
  • Defend the rights of Indigenous communities who’ve protected vast stretches of the natural world for centuries;
  • Power Avaaz’s fight to defend critical ecosystems, like the Amazon rain forest — and mobilize to elect leaders who protect them;
  • And launch powerful new campaigns to shift billions spent on dirty investments into planet-saving projects around the world.

Ultimately, this is about survival. What happens to the natural world, happens to us all. We are not separate from nature; we are part of it, connected to the very trees, rivers, and oceans that are being decimated. But we also have the power to change course. Our fragile Earth needs a voice. Let’s be deafening together — donate what you can now: 

Earth Day concept. Hand holding a leaf and earth together!


My Note: Bees are highly endangered and highly important to our food survival. This petition is geared for Pennsylvania residents to sign. If you live elsewhere, just use the link below from this organization (Saving Animals from Extinction) below, who sent me the petition:

EPA Expected to Extend Use of Bee-Killing Pesticides

The Environmental Protection Agency knows that pollinators like bees and butterflies will be threatened if they approve these harmful pesticides – so it’s up to environmental activists like us to fight back and defend bees!

That’s why we’re sending this advocacy petition to the EPA first thing in the morning tomorrow to prove how essential it is to protect pollinators.

Don’t waste another second! We need 10,000 signatures from PA to DEMAND the EPA protect pollinators and STOP the use of bee‑killing pesticides!


Demand the EPA Save Bees →


Bees are already on the brink of extinction – and if the EPA extends pesticide use, we could see a massive impact.

Experts say that we’ve lost about 60% of honey bee hives since 1947! We can’t afford to lose more bees at this rate.

Click the link below to add your name to our petition by midnight tonight and SAVE endangered bees:


Demand the EPA Save Bees →


Bees need you,

Save Animals Facing Extinction


Contributions or gifts to Save Animals Facing Extinction are not tax deductible as charitable contributions or as business expenses.

Save Animals Facing Extinction
P.O. Box 14494
Seattle, WA 98114
United States

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