Earth Day, Every Day: Double Posting

As noted at the end of April, I plan to post environmental issues every month, at least once or twice. I have so much material on Planet Earth that I don’t think I will run out of topics. I have a pile of information and letters waiting to be read and answered! Here are two:

This first one I recently received from American Forests, and because it matches the theme of planting trees for Earth Day, I wanted to post it as soon as possible. The little packet I received had a message with picture postcards of trees and a baby bear and the words, “One tree at a time….” on the cover. Here is the message on the inside, minus the direct solicitation, from President & CEO Scott Steen. (Direct Quote)

     You and I need forests to live. They provide the air we breathe and the water we drink. They give wildlife a home, and protect the planet from the effects of climate change. When forests thrive, we survive.

     You can help protect our forests—one tree at a time, one forest at a time. This year, our goal is to plant at least 2 million trees. Will you help us plant at least one?….

     Your support not only helps us plant trees, but allows us to restore forests that have been damaged or degraded, expand urban green spaces so that people living in cities can find a connection to nature, and both protect and restore watersheds that nourish the environment and nearby communities.

Planting a tree may seem like a simple thing to do—but it has a BIG impact on our planet, and on all of us…. 

On the back of the note were Tree Facts from American Forests:

• Two mature trees provide enough oxygen for one person to breathe for one year.

• A mature tree can reduce peak summer temperatures by 2º to 9º.

• In 140 years, we have planted more than 40 million trees in all 50 states.


If you wish more information or would like to make a donation, you can go to or snail mail them at:

1220 L  STREET, Suite. 750

P.S. I looked up American Forests on and this is their rating, which is quite good. Please go to the website for more details. (The number are based on a perfect score of 100.)

(out of 100)
Overall Score & Rating 81.98
  Financial 74.84
  Accountability & Transparency 96.00



The Environmental Working Group is one of my favorite groups. Thanx to my friend Honey for sending it.



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