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Earth Day: A New Day

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

A perfect example of Mother Nature’s gifts came to me as I was walking back from the post office at 8:30 this morning. Three trees near the curb had been losing their tiny pink spring blossoms. As I walked back, there must have been a slight breeze and the tiny pink blossoms started floating through the air, and with the sun streaming on the floating blossoms, they looked like fireflies. I wish I had brought my camera!

This was a perfect way to start Earth Day. So whatever problems you are having with your marriage/divorce/dating, etc., set them aside and enjoy Mother Nature. I wrote a short poem and took lots of photos in the last few days. I posted the poem on with slightly different pictures, so you can check it out for more photos under This ‘n That.

Mother Earth’s Days: An Ode for Earth Day

Flowers nestled in the trees

Swaying gently in the breeze

As daffodils begin to fade

Tulips bloom in every shade

Pick your favorite, if you dare—

Earth’s beauty is everywhere!

Mother Nature weaves her charm

Let’s heal the planet—no more harm.

Please keep the flowers blooming yearly

And protect the earth we love so dearly!

Happy Earth Day!