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10 Thoughts on Green Living

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

Note: found this in my Draft file and realized I never posted it, so since Earth Day was only month, I decided to post it as a follow up to this important day.

These 10 thoughts are from Body & Soul Magazine (2006). I have copied them exactly as in the magazine.

This is #20 on my Earth Day, Every Day list.

1. Living in tune with nature is an invitation to live creatively.

2. Extend the life cycle of your stuff. Find a new use for something old.

3. Nourish your soul; eat the freshest, most natural foods you can find.

4. Resolve to use less.

5. The earth is alive—it breathes, grows, evolves.

6. Enjoy an unplugged activity every day.

7. Think of nature as a destination in itself, not something to just drive through.

8. Your home is part of the environment.

9. Opt for quality over quantity. Value is revealed over the long term.

10 Change doesn’t happen with a single action but with a series of small gestures.