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Earth Matters: April 2009

Friday, April 3rd, 2009


(Daffodils from my recent visit to The Philadelphia Zoo.)

When I attended the first Earth Day “celebration” in 1970, there was none of the urgency we hear and see today. Every magazine I pick up, every new book on the environment, even clothes I purchase have an environmental message. (My new shirt from The Philadelphia Zoo had this message on its tag: Do Something: Plant a tree, ride a bike, carpool, turn off the lights,use one less napkin, print fewer copies, use recycled paper, b.y.o. coffee mug, and go organic.” And all of this is good! What we may need to do is make an Earth Day resolution to do something positive for the environment every day so that we honor Mother Earth every day and help her heal from all the assaults modern life has wrought.

In the days ahead, I will focus on “Living Green” as much as possible, to stimulate your own creative ideas about how we can live more cleanly and sanely on the only home we have. It’s like living in a co-op apartment building, where everyone is responsible for everything that goes on within the joint living space and shares in the care and maintenance so everyone benefits. First, each of my recipes will have some “green” ingredient to show that the kitchen is a perfect place to start Living Green. (My veggie “consomme” from scraps is one place to start.)


I also plan to review two books that are geared for Earth Day, one by Nikki and David Goldbeck and one from The National Geographic Society. My Profile subject this month is Cyndi Dinger, who is a nutritionist at MANNA, a nonprofit organization where I now volunteer. (More on MANNA when I post the Profile.) I believe that nutritious foods that support our bodies are part of Living Green, especially when that food is locally grown.


April is also the month when flowers begin to blossom in earnest. If crocuses are the precursors of Spring, then daffodils and forsythia are definitely signs that Spring is here, their yellow color a reminder that the sun is becoming stronger as the earth tilts and brings warmer days and shorter nights. I wrote a haiku about daffodils and took a lovely photo at the Philadelphia Zoo the other day. (See zoo picture above and haiku and mini-daffodil photo below.)

While Fall is my very favorite season, Spring is a close second. I love changing my clothes to lighter wear, planting my herbs on our patio, taking walks without a heavy jacket, and engaging in activities that allow me to be outdoors. We are planning our annual trip to the West Coast to see my husband’s son and partner and my son and his wife and I plan to check out gardens while we are there. The end of April should be perfect in California.

I can hardly wait for all the spring veggies to appear at the grocers and outdoor markets. Green leaves on flowers and trees, green foods, and Green Living are definitely the signs of April!


Daffodils blooming
Tiny faces; sunny smiles;
Spring’s gift awakens!