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Earth Day Every Day: Save the Dolphins Alert!

Monday, July 9th, 2018

There’s only 12 vaquitas left, down from 30 last year! But it’s not just the vaquitas we’re losing — we’re seeing a sixth mass extinction, and it’s human-made. Top scientists are backing an ambitious plan to put half of the earth under protection so species can recover but we urgently need governments to get on board. A massive nature summit is happening RIGHT NOW — sign the global campaign for nature and Avaaz will deliver our call straight to the meeting!


I just received a long email alert about the fate of the vaquita dolphins, but I am unable to capture the entire email. But if you sign here, you can read all about the plight of these adorable dolphins, sent to me by Avaaz. This email came tome while I was reading about ocean pollution, over-fishing,etc. in The Sun Magazine. There are no coincidences!