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Unlike an enchanted castle from a Disney movie, the stunning coral reefs under the sea in the region of Lighthouse Point are very real. Home to colorful marine life and rich with biodiversity, these reefs are just as magical as fantasy, and their story is a significant part of the local Bahamian culture.

But this is far from a fairy tale ending. The coral reefs at Lighthouse Point in the Bahamas are under threat, and the villain is none other than Disney themselves. Disney Cruise Line is planning on fatally disrupting this harmonious place by building a massive ship port right on top of these iconic reefs, which will destroy them forever. We have to stop them! Will you take urgent action now, ellensue?


If Disney Cruise Line goes through with their planned cruise ship port at Lighthouse Point, it won’t be a happy-ever-after for the treasured coral reefs or the living sea creatures who call these iconic natural structures home. With the traffic, noise, and water pollution that this construction would bring to the fragile coral reefs, the natural movement and behavioral patterns of several marine species living there would be critically disrupted — some could even be completely eliminated.

Coral reefs are often called “the rainforests of the sea” due to their abundant marine life and ecological significance, but Disney is threatening to wipe it all out. Let’s remind Disney that they can still be the hero in their own story. Sign now to urge Disney to NOT build their intrusive ship ports at Lighthouse Point.


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