National Poetry Month: Mary Lou Meyers

In addition to April being celebrated as Earth Day Month, it is also National Poetry Month, so I am posting a poem by my good friend Mary Lou Meyers whose poetry always moves me. Here’s her latest, which reflects David Attenborough’s idea of biodiversity and re-wilding the planet in his book/documentary: A Life on Our Planet, which I will be reviewing in a few days.

Thanx, Mary Lou

(Photos from the Internet)

True Tales From the Wild
A Frog went a-courting, he would ride
astride a faux ‘gator;
invited Miss Turtle by his side,
twice his size,
but she plopped off,
but don’t despair tadpoles,
you’ll see him riding solo everywhere.
The woods are alive once again
with the pale illumination 
of blooms ready to burst,
interrupting the darkness and despair;
collective dogwood interpreters everywhere
lacing their way across the bare spaces;
deer no longer tentative
showing their white flag of truce,
while running through;
only the Red Bud tree interrupts the tale
standing out with its rosy colored hue.


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