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Autumn: A Second Spring According to Albert Camus

Monday, October 26th, 2015

I came across a quote in an art calendar whose paintings are made by artists, using their feet or their mouths, because they do not have use of their hands. The work is amazing! To see their work, go to The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (, 2070 Peachtree Ct., Atlanta, GA 30341. You can see the work of the artists on the site and click through the calendar to see each painting.

Under the October 2016 painting by Cody Tresierra is a quote by Albert Camus that I love….

Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.

About the same time I received the calendar, I noticed that at the end of the day, the sun, which is now lower in the sky in the Northeast as we move towards winter, catches the leaves to make them seem as though they are glowing, so I penned a short rhyme and took some photos, which of course, do not replace seeing the trees in person, but maybe will help explain a little of what I feel about this time of year.


Tree Flowers

Autumn-sun dipping in the afternoon sky
Light catching the leaves… and my eye

Hoping my camera gets the picture right
Striving to capture the dappled sunlight

Fall fever grabs me every year
Unconditional love, never a tear

Autumn-sun dripping on leaves of red and gold
My-oh-my, isn’t Mother Nature clever & bold?


(This posting could go in the poetry category, but the photos are far more lovely, so I am posting in the Photo Gallery.)