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Easter and Spring 2020 by Mary Lou Meyers

Tuesday, April 14th, 2020
My Douglass classmate, Mary Lou Meyers, sent this poem. Since April is National Poetry month, and we are all inside together, I think her thoughts might ring some bells. It is also Spring, which is getting lost in the anxiety over the virus, so I am posting some pictures I took the other day when my husband and I took a walk together, in between the stanzas. Since Mary Lou talks about nearby Longwood Gardens, I included one photo from their website. Thanx, Mary Lou!
Easter and Spring 2020

Trees are still blooming!
There’s a pall hanging over the sky bright opening
as we forge ahead this Easter Saturday in the Year of our Lord 2020.
Heaven and Earth no longer in tune with the fullness of Spring.
   Lonely Daffodil
Along with the  surge of daffodils comes a dirge,
all is not what it seems.
The fraternity of trees no longer awakened by the light breeze,
the fragrance we smell is not overpowering enough to set us free.
Yet we embark on a journey through the Watershed, we four,
my daughter and two friends, Cloey and Laura,
not rebuffed by the dismal statistics,
erasing the rest of April.
Will May follow suit,
but June be the breakthrough?
What is so rare as a day in June?
Socially Distanced Flowers
My eyes have grown weary of staring at 4 walls,
my legs aching for the recall of distant places,
resuming my pace.
But today we celebrate walking with familiarity,
keeping our social distance with a dog,
who has innate resistance.
So much has happened since I was last here,
the fierce wind swept trees along the shore
which means we have to find another way
to grasp the reality of the up and down day.
               Blue Skies
We’re all in it together but apart,
save for the spark conversation brings,
ringing like the chorus of a song,
all trying to stay ahead of the unseen virus,
the dread that continues to spread,
especially in the teaming cities.
      Snowy White Blossoms

Chloe gives my daughter a Peace Rose,

we think where it will grow best for new beginnings.

Like the one developed by Meilland before WWII

which made its debut in New York City after the war;

a tent city now with every available space taken

over for refugees from the disease

with Heart Island as the burial place.
      Tulips, one at a time
It is a kind of war we fight but
soundless and speechless,
It creeps over the landscape,
but the only arms and ammunition
are masks and gloves
with disinfecting sprays and purifying rights.
We have suspended other beginnings and endings,
birth rights and even the send-off ones
in a fight to overcome the unsent enemy
Topiary at Longwood Gardens

for corona virus has managed to consume

the bloom on the cheeks of children,

who must play away from other children and school;

while for the elderly and those comprised by life,

it only offers breathing mechanisms and a fight to survive.


The only hugs we give at trail’s end are “air” hugs,
blown like the seeds of next year’s plants and flowers
where these three gardeners can celebrate
Longwood Gardens opening to the public again
without the dread of corona virus.

Marvelous May 2018: Mother Nature & Human Nature

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

My two favorite months are October with the flaming foliage of autumn and this month, May, with all the flowers and trees blooming. Because I was so focused on Earth Day Every Day in April and also National Poetry Month, I did not realize that May was already here.


Here is a Maypole surrounded by flowers. Perfect for my May Home Page!

For a brief history of the Maypole dance, go to:

I do have some ideas for what I am posting this month: 1) reviewing a book for Mothers’ Day
called Mothers Unite! by Prof. Jocelyn Crowley, 2) some spring recipes, 3)  information on mental health for National Mental Health Month, and 4) a profile of a single mom I met at the local indoor pool.  For now, though, since I am still processing these ideas,  I am posting some spring photos for my May Home Page (and Photo Gallery).

When I went for a walk in my neighborhood last week, I took photos of trees and flowers….and flamingoes!  Some of the flowers are planted in and around our condo by the company that does the landscaping. I call this Human Nature. Many of the trees in the photos have been here for decades and may have been part of the landscape before we chopped down some of the trees to make way for dwellings or businesses. (I call this Mother Nature, but of course, all the lovely plants are the original works of  Mother Nature.)


This tree has become lopsided because the telephone wires of Human Nature have forced Mother Nature to make compromises to the symmetry of her trees.


These flowers were planted by a gardener in neat, even rows.


This lovely magnolia tree is already losing its blossoms, but it is still a pretty
Human Nature tree in front of a house nearby.


These little lovelies (violets?) look wild, so maybe they are the work of Mother Nature.


This flowering cherry tree is in a neighbor’s yard, so I think it is
Human Nature’s handiwork.


This is the first azalea bush I have seen this spring. It is in someone’s yard,
and by its size,
 may have been planted several years ago by the owner.


These pastel hyacinths all lined up are one of Human Nature’s need for order!


I believe these daffodils are not in a garden, but planted to make the back area of the house less bare; yet they look like a work of Mother Nature in their “natural” surroundings.


These lawn ornaments are definitely out of sync with our winter climate from Mother Nature, but for some reason the home owner must like flamingoes!


Finally, one of the trees in our condo backyard fell over during a very bad winter storm with lots of wind. Yet, Mother Nature persists and the tree is blooming while the roots are exposed. Hopefully, the landscapers will set her upright and maybe it will come back to its full glory. Here are different views of this lovely tree that I hope can be saved by Mother Nature and Human Nature.



This is a photo of the top of the tree on its side where the blossoms are beginning to bloom.


Enjoy the lovely flowers and trees of Spring, whether in natural surroundings or planted by people who love Mother Nature’s gifts.